Cargo delivery from Europe

Cargo delivery from Europe
"Mobile" company organizes the delivery of your goods from Europe in several ways:
Sea delivery
When organizing the delivery of goods from Europe and China, we choose the best route depending on the wishes of the client in terms of time and price range. For countries close to the maritime borders, the most optimal way is shipping through the ports of France, Germany, Holland. We will promptly submit a container for filling to your plant, issue all export declarations, deliver the container to the port of departure and load it onto the ship. The main European ports are Dunkirk, Le Havre, Rotterdam, Hamburg, Bremenhafen, Copenhagen, Gdynia, Gdansk, Genoa, Rimini, Barcelona, ​​etc. Ship schedules are known in advance, so we can always correctly calculate the time of arrival in St. Petersburg. Transit delivery time from European cities to the port of St. Petersburg ranges from 10 to 21 days, depending on the distance of the European city from the port and the ship's schedule. A big plus in these transportations is that you can coordinate the weight of the cargo up to 24 tons, which is impossible with road transportation.
Car delivery
This type of delivery is the fastest among European countries. We will deliver the trailer to your plant for loading on the day you specify. Further, on our expedition, we can issue all the necessary documents - export declarations, CMR, etc. Your plant does not need to take on any functions other than loading. On average, delivery from European countries to St. Petersburg or Moscow takes from 5 to 8 days.
Mixed shipping
Basically, this type of delivery is used by customers from European countries, which are as far as possible from Russia, and the delivery time for us is long. For example, these are Italy and Spain. In this case, we apply the following scheme. A sea container of the cubic capacity required by the client is supplied to the plant. Loading cargo. Next, the container is loaded onto a railway platform and sent to the port of Europe, from where we can make the most profitable shipment. Paperwork can be done locally or at the port of departure. This scheme allows you to greatly save time, since sending by rail to the main ports of Europe takes only 2 days. Further, it is important to promptly book a place on the ship and then the term of such a shipment will be no more than 12-14 days.
To find out about the possible ways of delivering your cargo, get information about the route and modes of transport, as well as calculate the cost of cargo delivery, please contact our specialists.
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