Cargo delivery from Asia

Cargo delivery from Asia
The most common delivery scheme is the supply of sea containers to the sender on FOB or EXW terms. Our agents throughout Southeast Asia will fully take care of arranging with your plant about the time of shipment, the necessary equipment and the preparation of export documents.
Below are several delivery options:
Through the port of Vostochny
Registration can take place directly in the Far East, or VTT is issued. The cargo is sent by rail to the destination, where customs clearance takes place. The railway itself is a customs carrier.
Through Finland
Cargo in containers arrives at the ports of Finland: Helsinki, Hamina, Kotka. Further, transit documents are issued for the export of this cargo to the territory of Russia. Many of our customers use our warehouse to reshape their cargo and make complex shipments. This way is most convenient when the client does not want to immediately invest in customs payments, but at the same time it is convenient for him to store the goods in close proximity to the Russian Federation. After all, delivery from Finland to St. Petersburg or Moscow, including customs clearance, takes 3-5 days. Thus, the client does not invest working capital in customs payments, but stores the cargo near the border. When a new order for cargo appears, delivery and customs clearance are carried out as quickly as possible. We will provide you with any rolling stock for the export of goods from Finland: trailers, platforms, refs. We also rent a warehouse in Helsinki on our own. We will also arrange all transit documents for you.
Through the port of St. Petersburg
This type of transportation should be given special attention. Few of the clients, when sending cargo from Southeast Asia to the port of St. Petersburg, initially think about where it will end up. However, the differences can be significant. Various sea lines come to different terminals of the port of St. Petersburg: PKT, PLP, Kronstadt, Bronka, Rybny Port, Neva Metal. All these terminals have completely different operating conditions. For the convenience of our customers, we conduct a comparative analysis of storage rates and operating conditions of these terminals.
Also, we have learned to work very well in Novorossiysk. We are ready to provide you with a service for customs clearance and delivery.
To find out about the possible ways of delivering your cargo, get information about the route and modes of transport, as well as calculate the cost of cargo delivery, please contact our specialists.
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